New iPhone design shows lumpy, squarish camera bumps

The new iPhone’s camera bump will soon be bigger and uglier than ever.

A report on the design of the new iPhone — which some have speculated will be called the iPhone 11 — shows phones with a similar form factor as current models, but with a camera bump that’s twice as large as the bump on the current iPhone XS.

The large, squarish bump, revealed in leaked schematics from the website Slashleaks, has been said to resemble a “stovetop” as it will house three cameras plus an LED flash.

Separately Friday, a closely watched tech analyst said Apple is finally ditching the much-maligned “butterfly” keyboard design for its MacBook Pro laptops.

The butterfly keys were part of an effort to make Apple’s laptops thinner than ever, but consumers have griped that the keys are noisy, prone to typos — and to breaking altogether.

Since introducing newfangled, butterfly-shaped spring mechanisms in 2015, Apple has been barraged with complaints about them getting stuck or ceasing to function altogether after crumbs got into them.

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