New Oculus wireless VR device called ‘Quest’ shows potential

It’s been five years since Facebook shelled out $2 billion to buy Oculus — and finally, the virtual-reality startup has produced a device that may grab the attention of more than just tech geeks.

The $400 Oculus Quest is the company’s fourth headset, but the first that is completely wireless. This eliminates a literal pitfall of VR geekdom: getting tangled up with the cord as you twirl around your room battling orcs and shooting down enemy planes.

By packing the Quest’s VR brains entirely inside its 1.2-pound housing, Facebook is betting that consumers will be willing to surrender the processing power of a bulky gaming PC in favor of portability.

After spending several weeks with the Quest, our verdict is that it’s a fair trade.

Setup is a breeze. Using one of the two hand controllers that are normally used for throwing punches and wielding virtual weapons, simply draw the boundaries of a safe area in your room that’s not occupied by furniture, yoga balls and the litter box.

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