Nintendo fans take another look at the Switch

After two years with the Nintendo Switch, a few things still manage to impress editor Devindra Hardawar, like how flexible the system is mobile or docked, or the way those shareable Joy-Cons pull everyone into the experience. In re-examining his review, Devindra said that a larger selection of titles, improved online service and the durability of the hardware had changed his overall perspective on the device. We ended up raising the score on the Switch from 84 to 88. However, users were a little more implacable (and perhaps less likely to update their write-ups), leading to an average score of 81 from our readers.

One of the things that Devindra and readers agree on is how fun the Switch’s portability makes it: IAmQuinn said “one of my favorite things about the Switch is how easy it is to bring with you and play on any screen. I often bring it to other places to play with people.” Likewise, Ari felt the versatility of the Switch made it “an amazing system with so many ways to play — plugged into a TV, on-the-go as a handheld console or splitting the controllers to play with friends.” Deric said he “mostly uses it as a home console, but the ability to take it and play it anywhere just adds to its appeal.

So easy to pack up and go set it up somewhere… Probably my favorite console.” TacoDave said he takes it “almost everywhere I go … I’ve used it in a movie theater before the movie started. I’ve used it in my car while my oil was being changed. I’ve used it in airports, on airplanes, and I brought my dock with me to visit my family.”

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