Oculus Go now casts your VR sessions to other devices

As promised, it’s now easy to share your Oculus Go sessions with everyone else in the room. Oculus is rolling out beta support for casting Go experiences to phones and tablets using the Oculus app. So long as both the Go and the mobile device are on the same WiFi network, friends and family can watch you grapple with a VR game or marvel at a 360-degree video. You can’t yet share VR to a TV, but it beats having to describe what you’re seeing to curious onlookers.

It’s also easier to report troublemakers inside the app. Oculus recently added an option to report abusive behavior and material from within VR apps, including video capture to document incidents. You won’t necessarily have to talk to individual app developers to report someone causing grief. The option is available now on the Oculus Go and Gear VR, and will be available for Rift users in November.