ON24 Announces Webinars That Rocked in 2018

With more than 66% of buyers saying they prefer webinars to other content formats, it’s no wonder that marketers are putting in the time, effort and resources to make their webinars world class.

The high quality of webinars showed in ON24’s annual “Webinars That Rocked Competition,” which saw a record number of submissions, each bringing a unique, innovative approach to engaging with key audiences through webinars.

ON24, the technology leader helping companies drive human engagement and deliver actionable insights through digital experiences, selected the winner from submissions that ranged from consumer education webinars to internal training presentations to panel discussions.

Promega took home first place, Octopus Investments earned second, while Autotrader UK won third.

“Webinars are invaluable tool in the marketer’s belt, and we’re continually impressed with the creative ways our customers use the ON24 platform to drive true ROI and impact their bottom line,” says Joe Hyland, CMO, ON24. “We’ll continue to work to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge features and products so they can interact with their audiences in the most impactful ways.”

The top three came from a group of distinguished list finalists that included SAP, Valeo, Collette Travel, and The IIA.The winner Promega, which provides solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry, put on the winning webinar, “Ask The Experts: Ensuring a Successful PCR Every Time.”

The goal of the winning presentation was to bring awareness to Promega’s technical scientists and the services they provide. At the start of the webinar, Promega asked how likely attendees would be to use the services of these scientists. Only 6 percent said they would be very likely to use the services of technical scientists at the start; by the end of the webinar, that number had jumped to 68 percent.

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