Our favorite smartphones from Mobile World Congress 2019

The last week has been a whirlwind of jamón-flavored chips, 5G talk and things that fold, so naturally, we’re still reeling a bit. As we begin pulling ourselves out of this trade show-induced stupor, though, we’ve taken stock of everything we’ve seen in Barcelona and compiled this list of our favorite smartphones from the show floor.

Not everything that made the cut will be a massive success, or go on sale around the world — still, because of the ambition and ingenuity that went into each of these devices, each is worth celebrating in its own way.

Alright, alright, yes — the Galaxy S10 family was revealed at an event in San Francisco, well before Mobile World Congress even started. Whatever. It’s still one of the most influential devices at the show: ads are plastered on buildings across the Barcelona, and every flagship here has been compared to the standard Samsung has already set. It’s big, beautiful, powerful, and it uses an updated interface that’s staggeringly more pleasant to use than what we found on earlier models.

The reason the bigger model makes our list instead of its little brother is, well, because we’ve been testing it this whole time. The official Engadget review is still in progress, but the process of using it in Barcelona has given us time to appreciate Samsung’s shifting priorities and mutually gripeabout what it gets wrong.

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