Rare ‘super blood moon’ is coming this month

Stargazers will witness a trifecta of lunar events in the New Year — a total lunar eclipse, a super blood moon and a “wolf moon,” a nickname for a full moon that appears in the middle of winter.

Millions of people across North and South America and portions of Western Europe and Africa will be able to catch the rare sight overnight on Jan. 20 into Jan. 21, according to National Geographic. For a few hours, the moon will give off a bright reddish glow.

“A total lunar eclipse can happen only when the sun, Earth and moon are perfectly lined up — anything less than perfection creates a partial lunar eclipse or no eclipse at all,” Space.com explains.

You won’t want to miss it. Earth won’t experience another total lunar eclipse, which occurs when the entire moon enters Earth’s shadow, until May 2021, NASA estimates.

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