Road tripping in a $3 million Bugatti

When I was asked to drive a $3 million Bugatti Chiron 325 miles from Monterey, California, to Los Angeles, I was naturally interested. A beautiful car. Beautiful scenery. I just had one question: Where would I put my suitcase?

We needed another car for that. If you buy a Bugatti you can purchase custom-fitted luggage shaped just to squeeze in a night’s worth of gear into the Chiron’s tight spaces. I only had my carry-on and a laptop bag, but Bugatti had thoughtfully provided a solution. A Nissan pickup drove along with us, carrying my luggage and a couple of large containers filled with racing fuel.
This sort of absurdity is part of the charm of the beautifully impractical Chiron. It’s also the reason Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann told me the company is considering new models for people who want something just slightly more practical.
The Bugatti Chiron was designed to be the ultimate grand touring car, combining outrageous power with comfort, ease and refinement. It has a 1,500 horsepower 16-cylinder engine with four turbochargers but it is, amazingly, not at all terrifying to drive. It is in fact, rather laid back.