Samsung Suddenly Reveals Massive Galaxy Note 9

This is now clearly deliberate. Samsung’s policy of ‘accidentally’ leaking its massive new Galaxy Note 9 has ranged from the strange to the ridiculous, but now the company has left nothing to the imagination.Spotted by acclaimed industry insider Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), Samsung has published the full preorder announcement for the Galaxy Note 9 on its website.

Alongside a marketing image of the phone was the headline ‘Say hello to super power’ and it even invited users to pre-order the phone teasing: ‘Now you can be one of the first to experience it’. Except you can’t.Unsurprisingly, given Samsung won’t officially announce the Galaxy Note 9 until August 8th, the pre-order link did not work.

That said, Samsung left the page up for several hours before taking it down – ensuring its latest ‘accident’ was there just long enough for everyone to see.The official phone image also confirmed Samsung will resist industry pressure and the Galaxy Note 9 will retain a headphone jack.

Interestingly, Samsung’s decision this year to colour the S Pen bright yellow also draws attention to its highly anticipated upgrade.What you can’t see from the picture, but something Samsung has also ‘accidentally’ confirmed recently, is arguably the Galaxy Note 9’s most appealing feature for many: a truly massive new battery.

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