Seven Steps To Getting A Summer Job

If you’re looking for a job, it pays to be mindful of business needs, such as seasonal hiring, and use the circumstances to your advantage. Many employers need additional help over the summer. Regular employees go on vacation. A business that sees an uptick over the summer (e.g., outdoor café, outdoor activity) may need additional support.

If your ultimate goal is a permanent, full-time job, don’t dismiss a seasonal job as irrelevant. With the right strategies, you can convert a temp job or internship to a full-time opportunity. The money earned from a summer job can cover your ongoing expenses and extend your job search time a few months.

(Don’t assume this money is insignificant. You have leverage to negotiate as a temp, consultant or freelancer.) The experience and connections from a summer job may lead to other opportunities, if not at that company, then elsewhere. For rising college seniors or MBA students in-between their two years, the right summer job can mean locking in a full-time offer by the fall.

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