Sign up for one year Sam’s Club membership for $15

If your car needs maintenance, you visit a mechanic. Likewise, you’ll go to the eye doctor whenever you need a check-up. And, of course, everyone needs to eat, so add the grocery store to your to-do list. Planning all these trips on top of school, work and extracurriculars can get stressful, but a warehouse membership like Sam’s Club could serve all your necessities in one location, and it’s offering one year of access and a $10 e-gift card for $15.

We’ve featured Sam’s Club before, but it’s back with another annual subscription deal. This warehouse retailer is like a supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy and more, all in one. It uses a limited-item business model to give customers discounts on everyday items like groceries, electronics and furniture. So while you might not find the traditional brand names you’re used to, you can find high-quality alternatives to purchase in bulk, saving you time, money and gas.

This warehouse club offers perks beyond a traditional retail store. For instance, you can buy prescription drugs and book hearing tests and other health check-ups at Sam’s Club’s pharmacies. Some locations even offer fuel centers, so you can fill your tank after stocking your shelves. Shoppers also enjoy discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, attractions and movies, so you could plan an entire vacation through Sam’s Club alone.

You don’t need to step inside a brick-and-mortar location to claim these deals. The Sam’s Club app allows you to place orders for same-day delivery for eligible items or curbside pickup. Additionally, purchasers receive a $10 e-gift card, which will be sent to the email address you use to create your account. You can redeem this credit at your local Sam’s Club and Walmart or online.

A one-year Sam’s Club membership usually costs $45, but new customers can sign up for only $15 along with a $10 e-gift card to spend.

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