SPINS 2019 Trend Predictions Webinar Recap

Internationally inspired nuts, better-for-you booze and a sesame surge are among the several emerging food and beverage trend predictions for 2019 that were highlighted in a webinar hosted by data technology company SPINS on Wednesday.

Led by Jessica Hochman, senior manager of natural insights and innovation research, and Brent Coons, director of natural insights, the presentation outlined food and beverage trends to watch in the year ahead along with quick picks of possible trends to watch for at Expo West.

Better-For-You Booze

Coons noted several alcohol trends to watch out for this year. He highlighted bitters as an emerging force in the natural products industry, as consumers’ palettes expand and the mixers category moves beyond high fructose corn syrup. Brands such as Hella Cocktails and Bitter Love have launched ready-to-drink options, which will make bitters more accessible to consumers as mocktails or mixers, according to Hochman.

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