Spreading Innovation In K12 Education

There are over 132,000 schools in the United States, and most of them continue to operate as they did 150 years ago. While many experts are increasingly vocal about the mismatch between our prevalent sit-and-get, industrialized model of schooling, and the agile, dynamic skills the global digital economy is hungry for, only a small percentage of schools have embraced the core institutional redesign needed to enable graduates to thrive in this changing world.

Education in the United States is profoundly local: 88% of all school districts have 10 or fewer schools, and  community aspirations, working conditions and accountability measures are defined locally.

While we partner with educators and leaders around the country, and we see that although change may be launched at the national, state or district level, it is always enacted school by school. We also see that schools are so overwhelmed with the daily work of educating students, many of whom arrive with deep personal needs, that they have little time, space or capacity to take on the disconnect between the design of school and the changing economy. Leaders and educators may be curious about how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is impacting our world,

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