Strategies for Success in Manufacturing Software Implementation

Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT -5, New York) Duration: 1 Hour Event Type: Live Webinar Cost: Free

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Over half (50 – 70%) of ERP projects fail. Despite the high costs incurred in failure, and the prominence of these projects, the success rate has not improved. Why?

Surveys and anecdotal reports consistently cite time, budgets, and lack of senior management involvement, but those are external factors to the direct implementation processes which should be followed and are normally the result of insufficient information prior to commencing with the project.

What elements of the project are under your immediate control and set the stage to eliminate these common failure reasons?

There are standard, widely accepted processes required for a software implementation project, including planning, documenting, training and testing. One critical task which is commonly not done or done poorly is a formal Business Process Review (BPR). Without a solid BPR, project requirements are not formally defined nor prioritized, so the potential software features and design – which may not be related directly to your business goals — become the de facto requirements. Although the review may be done as part of the implementation project, ultimately the BPR should be performed prior to selecting software, so there is a basis and justification for the decision.

Join John Hoyt and Jane Scanlan, co-founders of the Next Level Manufacturing Consulting Group to learn about the key elements of a great BPR that, when done correctly, will contribute to a higher probability of success for your project. These elements include:

  • Documenting standard business process functions and controls
  • Interviewing key management and staff
  • Reviewing existing system features and related procedures
  • Gathering current forms and reports
  • Developing process improvement recommendations
  • Defining priorities

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John Hoyt, Co-Founder, Next Level Manufacturing Consulting Group

John Hoyt brings over 30 years of manufacturing software experience with consulting, analysis, implementation, training and support. He has been involved with over 125 implementations of manufacturing software. John has served as the Managing Partner for Enterprise Software Consulting for three successful software business partners with manufacturing specializations.

Jane Scanlan, Co-Founder, Next Level Manufacturing Consulting Group

In addition to her direct consulting experience with implementation and training for manufacturing software, Jane Scanlan brings the perspective of working on the inside for the publisher of the manufacturing software. Jane has over 25 years of experience with manufacturing software development and consulting and has been involved in the implementation of over 150 software implementations. Her expertise is in Business Process Reviews, change management and best practices.

Next Level Manufacturing Consulting Group is an independent group of certified manufacturing consultants, each with over 25 years of implementation experience. We are not software resellers but Advocate Consultants ready to step in to help you maximize your manufacturing systems’ software by providing value and expertise.

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