Sydney-based IT startup offering free webinar on cybersecurity Thursday

A tech startup looking to break into the big business of selling tools and resources to bolster the cybersecurity of small and medium-sized companies will be offering a free webinar to entrepreneurs beginning Thursday.

Securicy, a cyber security company based in Sydney, offers web-based tools that provide an opportunity for organizations to easily navigate the complex process of implementing, maintaining, and demonstrating that they follow compliant cybersecurity practices.

The company was founded by Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton in Sept. 2016. They both participated in Techstars, a top-tier global startup accelerator in Boston, for four months ending in April.

Securicy was one of 10 tech companies that were invited to join the Techstars 2018 cohort, joining a select club of businesses that gained valuable expertise from leading mentors in the tech world.

Its first product named Policy Builder was released in February. The web-based software program allows businesses to quickly develop clear and concise cybersecurity policies tailored to the needs of business.

Cybersecurity has been top of mind recently due, in part, to the Facebook scandal involving U.K.-based data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica which, with connections to U.S. President Donald Trump, lifted Facebook profiles of millions of users without their permission to attempt to sway the 2016 U.S. election.

Securicy’s marketing operations manager Colin MacInnis also pointed to the general data protection regulation (GDPR) that replaced existing data protection laws governing the European Union effective May 25. The GDPR is intended to regulate how data is processed, used, stored and shared under one law for all EU countries.

“A lot of people are getting privacy update policy (notifications) in their inbox but they don’t know what to do with it,” MacInnis said in an interview Friday.

“It’s similar to when the anti-spam legislation came out in Canada. (Some people) thought, ‘This will change so much,’ but then there was some confusion there. That’s when our team thought it would make sense to develop this webinar series.”

Large multinational companies can rely on a plethora of IT professionals to upgrade and monitor a cybersecurity network. That’s not the case for small and medium-sized businesses, which may operate with only a handful of employees.

The time and cost dedicated to securing a small business to internet theft can be enormous, said MacInnis.

The webinar, which will be broadcast on the Securicy website ( once a week until November, will cover topics such as how and where to begin implementing security, encrypting a laptop and turning on security features, assessing risk in a company’s organization and how to engage staff on cybersecurity and to make it a priority for everyone.


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