Ten Behaviors Sabotaging Your Leadership Skills

Have you ever been in a situation at work where you felt like you lost your cool? Maybe not in that wildly out of control way, but enough to where you felt bad about what you said or did and wished you’d handled yourself differently?

You got hooked or upset and before you knew it, you were doing something that you wouldn’t necessarily do if you were in your right mind.

What happened? You probably went on auto-pilot — no thought involved. Later on, you might have stopped to think about what you did or didn’t do and maybe wish you had handled things differently.

No matter what your job or level, every one of us goes on auto-pilot from time to time. We get heads down, blinders on, and don’t notice the effect we’re having on others. The higher up you are as a leader, though, the more people you impact, and the more your being on auto-pilot reverberates throughout the organization.

One CEO I worked with years ago had been known for being sarcastic, poking fun and belittling others in his previous role as CFO. Not great at any level, but the impact was compounded when he became CEO.

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