The 7 Secret Talents of Organizational Superstars

Virtually every organization has a few superstars. They’re the employees who’ve fast-tracked their way to the C-suite or maybe they don’t sit at the top of the hierarchy, but they are definitely part of the tacit power structure within the organization.

Generally, they’re well regarded, highly respected and seem to have an X factor that propels them to succeed….But how do they achieve such success? What is it that they do differently? Is there a specific set of skills they possess that others don’t?

VP of Global Talent for Mattel, Michael Nehoray asserts “ It’s less the what and more the how. It’s the skills that don’t show up on the resume. ” While there may be natural inertia to focus on more technical or measurable skills when evaluating high potential candidates within an organization, seasoned HR professionals attest that the skills that distinguish superstars are often much more nuanced soft skills.

I asked several seasoned HR thought leaders to share the unique talents that these organizational superstars seem to possess, and here’s what they said.

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