The Best Books To Up Your Networking Game

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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We’ve all heard the saying, but how do you actually get to know people and build genuine connections in our fast-paced society? That’s the question each of the following books aims to answer.

If you’ve ever struggled through an interminably long mixer or walked out of a huge conference with no contacts, take heart: Networking is an ability you can master. In fact, after checking out some of these works, you will feel less antsy about schmoozing and highly ready to get your gab on.

Entrepreneurs know they have to mingle to make it, but that doesn’t mean they love the chase. I’ve worked with plenty of people who saw networking as modern-day torture. To be honest, even gregarious folks can find it tough to make lasting connections. Devora Zack cuts to the chase here, giving readers actionable advice to build key relationships working from their strengths. Goodbye, awkward silences and clammy handshakes. Hello, authentic relationships.

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