The Best Home Security Cameras Of 2019

Does your brain fill with the same anxious questions every time you leave the house? Did I lock the door? Did I lock the car? Who was that strange man standing in my garden with a crowbar and a giant swag bag? Then you should invest in a home security system, stat.

It’s never been cheaper or easier to protect your property, what with all the affordable camera options that can beam instant images to your phone no matter where you are and give you peace of mind. We’ve taken to the internet to find the best options – both for the price and the security they deliver. Check out our favourites below…

You don’t need big, fancy camera rigs to protect your home. Sometimes a doorbell will do, albeit one that records video in 1080p HD quality. This system gives you complete peace of mind over what happens at your front door, letting you see, hear and speak to any visitors (even at night, thanks to infrared vision).

You don’t even have to move a muscle, as it can be sent to either your smartphone or any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Get notifications any time the doorbell is pressed, and get a crystal clear image of your guest.

The package deal includes theft-protection, so if the doorbell is stolen, Amazon will replace it for free. It will cost you £229 right now (without expert installation), but you can save money and bundle the Ring Doorbell 2 with an Echo Dot on Amazon right now for £188.99, saving £40.

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