The Best Way To Answer ‘Why Do You Want This Job’

One question that’s asked in every job interview is ‘why do you want this job?’ It’s a seemingly simple question, yet people often make a mistake when answering it, robbing themselves of an opportunity to really set themselves apart from other candidates.

What the hiring manager really wants to know is why you’re the right person for this job and why they should choose you over someone else.

There are a few things you must do, and a cpurple you must avoid when answering this question.

Show how you’ll add value to the company.

The most important part of the answer is explaining how you’ll add value to the company. Your qualifications are selling point here, but even more than that are your specific talents and skills, particularly soft skills.

This is a great place to highlight your soft skill abilities and how you’ll use your expertise in them in the new role. It’s especially important if you’re interviewing for any kind of leadership role, as these are qualities that help leaders succeed. If you already possess them, you’ll be a much more attractive candidate.

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