The craziest ways to blow cash at Coachella

Flower crowns are the least of it.

In addition to the actual cost of attending Coachella — $429 for a general admission weekend ticket, or $999 for a VIP pass — festival-goers are incurring additional costs in the thousands for everything from housing to hair extensions.

Here’s a look at what wealthy preeners are doing to get Instagram-ready for the 2019 festival, which runs from April 12 to April 21.

Housing: $125-$150,000

Coachella offers on-site camping options ranging from a parking space ($125-$325) to furnished tents as part of its “Safari” package ($9,500). But wellness influencers and beauty Youtubers alike know that rentals are the way to go, such as one nearby 2.8-acre compound that can be yours for $2,600 per night through Airbnb.

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