The Difference Between Machine Learning, Deep Learning

With the world of artificial intelligence (AI) developing so rapidly, it’s not surprising that many people are unclear about the difference between the various kinds of data analysis and how they can drive business. The distinction between machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), for example, can be a bit confusing to the uninitiated, but it makes all the difference for companies trying to harness the reams of data they collect, notes this opinion piece by Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola.

You’ve heard this before:

Q: How do you do what you do?

A: “AI.”

Hardly a day goes by without news of another company’s latest foray into artificial intelligence. While the value of AI may be self-evident in consumer technology products like Cortana or Spotify, can it really benefit everything from toothbrushes to burger joints or rap lyric generation? And is it so easy to do that any company under the sun has AI in their tagline? How can we separate “real” Deep Learning (AI) from marketing science fiction (SF)?

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