The Five Best Ways To Handle Pressure At Work

Pressure is a part of every day, whether it is a small, ordinary inconvenience or an overwhelming personal or professional burden that stretches over weeks, months and perhaps years. But only a small part of life is dictated by what happens to you, the vast majority of life is dictated by how you handle what happens to you.

This principle also applies to pressure; it is inevitable, so its impact is dictated by how you react to it. Here are five healthy, productive ways to respond to pressure:


If you are confronted with a major source of pressure: a project, a personal crisis, etc., instead of thinking about the entire situation and getting overwhelmed, immediately start to break things down into steps, and determine what needs to be done right now and what can wait.

Then determine what needs to be done first, second and third. Breaking up a larger situation into smaller tasks will make an overwhelming situation feasible, and as you check these things off of your to-do list you will gain composure and get a handle on things.

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