The Five Values That Great Mentors Share

In virtually any industry, having a mentor can be the catalyst for enriching career development. Mentors not only bestow real-life lessons and skills upon their mentees, but also open doors to professional networks, facilitating connections to other professionals who can help shape career success. For a woman, traversing the work landscape can be tricky in a male-dominated industry.

Having mentors, particularly ones who have been through the challenges that women in tech face can be a huge advantage and inspiration to a young professional.

However, good mentors don’t just descend upon us like angels from heaven. Finding a good mentor is, perhaps not surprisingly, more like dating. There must be a certain chemistry between mentor and mentee, one of reciprocity and mutual respect, for the relationship to blossom for both.

It takes a lot of research, courage, and likely some trial and error to find that person who can be a true sounding board, helping us navigate our careers and decision making. A mentor can help you plan for development – map out your career path, define strategies and objectives to reach milestones, and recalibrate if anything goes awry.

Here are some important traits to keep in mind during your search for the right mentor:

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