The Future Marketing Organization Will Include Engineers

In 2019, McDonald’s announced that it was acquiring Dynamic Yield, a firm committed to providing ‘personalization anywhere’—from mobile apps to drive-thru menus and call centers—for leading global retailers including IKEA, Stitch Fix and Ocado.

I sat down to talk to Dynamic Yield’s founder and CEO, Liad Agmon, an entrepreneur who has developed and sold three companies. Dynamic Yield’s vision is to help firms, and in particular marketers, do a better job of creating a superior consumer experience.

In our discussion, Agmon brought up several mistakes he sees marketing making regarding resource allocation. Having worked with a number of CMOs, Agmon provides insight on how marketers can shift their effort to have a bigger impact.

Some marketers end up spending a lot of time on developing creative. Whether it is an email or content or product description, every word must be perfect. And, yet, there isn’t enough time spent on reverse engineering the customer experience.

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