The High Cost of Love

But that duty, love and loyalty comes with a price. The 24/7 responsibility of caregiving can hurt a person’s physical and emotional health, along with their career, financial situation and relationships. And often, the price they pay goes unnoticed unless they ask for help.

Unpaid and Unprepared
There is a distinct lack of resources to prepare people to become caregivers for their parents or other aging loved ones. It’s a position people find themselves thrust into with no training or guidance. Caregivers are navigating a new, uncharted course they’ve never experienced before.

This uncertainty, along with experiences that they might not want, can be unsettling. The job itself can be thankless and uncomfortable and awkward, and caregivers are often thrust into the job with no alternatives in sight.

These problems can lead to a sense of hopelessness. Caregivers can feel trapped with no way out. It is important that caregivers receive respite and emotional support, either from friends and family or from trained professionals.

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