The latest demented drive to handcuff the NYPD

In the name of fighting racism, City Councilman Donovan Richards wants to require the NYPD to notify minors and their parents when entering their names into its database of suspected gang members. He might as well just order cops to give up on fighting gang crime.

The Queens Democrat claims cops are just doing racial profiling. Sorry: It’s the facts on the ground, not bias, that are responsible for the database being largely minority. Its demographics match those of the city’s gangs. For the same reason, the NYPD database for organized crime is much “whiter” than the overall city population.

Nor is being in the database the same as being accused of a crime: The info essentially provides leads for cops; it’s not shared with other agencies, and doesn’t provide grounds for an arrest or even a stop. Nor is it a permanent record: Cops re-evaluate each entry every three years to clear out names that no longer belong.

Richards doesn’t care: He admits he wants to abolish the database altogether; this bill is just all he thinks he can manage for now.

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