The Nintendo Switch Lite’s D-Pad Might Be Its Best Part

The Nintendo Switch Lite boasts a couple of interesting features that might sway one to buy the handheld console either as their first Switch or a replacement for the base version. It’s smaller and easily portable by design, costs less, and is easier to keep up with without having to worry about losing and replacing Joy-Cons. Perhaps one of its best features though is a control layout change that’s already caught the attention of Nintendo fans: The addition of a real, honest to goodness d-pad.

Switches at the moment do not have a traditional d-pad. Instead, we have the four directional buttons with nothing between them to create what would normally be an omnidirectional pad. Switch owners have tried to remedy this in more way than one with their own creations before third-party accessory makers started producing their own Joy-Cons that had a typical d-pad.

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