The One Thing You Must Never Do In A Job Interview

Under no circumstances should you ever speak badly of or complain about your previous job, employer, manager, or colleagues during a job interview. When you speak negatively about someone, it reflects far more poorly on you than it does on them.

No matter how tempting it is to talk about your employer or manager in a negative way, don’t do it. Even if poor behavior from management or bad company policies are the reason why you’re looking for a new job, there are more diplomatic ways of saying that rather than assigning blame.

Regardless of how much truth is in your words, the hiring manager will only hear them as complaints and excuses, not reasons.Hiring managers know that one of the main reasons employees seek new jobs is due to negative circumstances in their current position.

What they don’t want is for you to talk about that. If your only reason for doing an interview is that you just want out of your current job, it shows through and is exacerbated when you badmouth someone or a part of your job.

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