The Other Side of Leadership

Traditionally, leadership has been understood as the ability to ‘lead’ a group of people. This definition immediately creates an image of someone who should have the capacity and capability to do and know more than others. Is it really possible for anyone to take ‘sole’ responsibility for knowing and doing everything?

Technology has in many ways equalized the playing field by giving access to information to everyone across all ages and stages. This shakes the traditional concept of leadership and gives rise to the question, what is effective leadership?
An organization gets seeded by the vision and passion of an entrepreneur and soon the entrepreneur identifies the idea, brings a team of like-minded people together and kicks starts the operations towards achieving that vision. As the organization starts growing, it requires processes for delegation, funding for expansion and empowerment for team building. Here is where, the challenges arise in the heart of the entrepreneur – how to sustain and grow the organization without letting go of control of every action and outcome? Letting go of our identification with an idea thought or vision is challenging because of the fear of ‘what if’ creeps in while giving up control to others.

What is Self-Leadership?

Our thoughts are an integral part of our identity and letting go of our identity can be challenging and frightening. Actually, what we forget is that we let go of every stage of life. We learn to walk by letting go of the finger of a parent and we grow as a person by stepping out of our home to go to school or work or travel. It is only when we step out of our comfort zone that we get an opportunity to discover new possibilities within ourselves like the joy of walking independently or discovery of hidden skills and talents.

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