The Path To Mastery In Leadership

Do you ever wonder why leaders have such a varying level of accomplishment and followership over time?

I did for years and thought I had the perfect answer, too. I thought it was a matter of hard work. My thinking was, “If only I work harder, deepen my skills and run faster than everyone else, with the combination of my cognitive capacity and work ethic, I can reach a level of mastery that offers success and influence in no time.” I believed in that and acted towards it for years until one morning I woke up and discovered I no longer wanted to walk, let alone to run…

The truth is none of my advisers – not during my education years, nor during my career – had ever talked to me about the path to mastery. How leadership is more of a roadmap towards mastering self, evolving your influence over others and growing your ability to shape future reality nor about the fact that path requires not intensity, rather an enjoyment of the journey.

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