The Siren Call Of Leadership

There have been libraries of books written about leadership. It seems we are always looking for a key of some kind that helps us be and find better leaders. Authors and experts are happy to oblige. I’ve read many of those books and even written a few. The subject fascinates me.

All my study and experience has spawned a lot of questions for me about leadership. For example, how much of leadership is nature? You know what I am talking about, right? That innate charisma, the willingness to step up and step out. When others are only hoping a leader shows up, these people step out of the crowd and take over. As Barack Obama said during the 2008 presidential campaign, it takes a certain amount of megalomania to say that you think you should be the leader of the free world. No kidding.

Who showed Martin Luther King how to peacefully fight for justice and inspire others to follow despite the dangers? Did he go to leadership school? Or, was it already there, waiting to blossom at just the right time and with exactly what was needed? If we had met him as a young man would we have recognized his greatness?

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