These college majors are the most likely to lead to jobs

As college grows more expensive, more students are under pressure to make sure their studies lead them to a job.Jobs search website CareerCast has ranked the majors with the best career prospects.”The more opportunity you have earlier in your career, the better,” said Kyle Kensing, online content editor at CareerCast. Indeed, a recent study found that if you don’t put your degree to use quickly, you might never do so.

Picking up a practical degree doesn’t have to mean abandoning your passions, Kensing said. Consider double majoring — one in accounting, another in English — or minoring in a more creative field. “You can’t burn yourself out,” he said.

Here are the some degrees with the best job prospects, according to CareerCast.


Accounting is one of the steadiest fields of study if you’re hoping to land a job, according to CareerCast.

More than 90 percent of accounting majors are employed and the field is expected to grow by 10 percent over the next eight years.

Business management

This degree can help secure a position in many fields — including human resources, research and consulting.

Some business management majors will also become medical services managers, a position projected to grow 20 percent.

Information systems

As cloud-based technology makes its way into more fields, a background in information systems will make you competitive in the job market.


The employment rate for recent marketing and market research grads is nearly 95 percent.

Computer science

Information technology jobs are on the rise. A major in computer science will help you land a position as a developer or analyst.