They develop a chip the size of a dust mite

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Engineers from Columbia University in the United States developed a chip that is only visible through a microscope, its size is comparable to that of a dust mite. The objective of the device will be to monitor biological processes of the human body through ultrasound.

According to the researchers , it is the smallest chip in the world, which has a total volume of 0.1 mm3. It could be used to monitor physiological conditions, such as, blood pressure, temperature, glucose, respiration, for both therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

To achieve the size, engineers led by Ken Sheperd, a professor of electrical engineering at Lau Family, used ultrasound to power and communicate with the device wirelessly. “We wanted to see how far we could push the limits of how small we could make a functional chip,” explained the teacher, according to a statement .

According to Sheperd, this technology should be revolutionary for the development of implantable, miniature and wireless medical devices that help detect different things and be approved for human use.

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