Think Like An Employer To Get That Job

You’re applying for a job, and maybe you even have an interview scheduled. How do you close the deal? Start by thinking like an employer.Like most people making a decision, hiring managers are worried about mistakes, but also hopeful for good results. In most cases, fear of failure is the stronger motivator. The successful job applicant will think about how to calm the manager’s fears.

Start by imagining yourself as the boss. What would you be worried about in a hiring decision? In some cases, you may have enough experience to know what the manager fears most. In other cases, you’ll have to guess.

Career coach and author Robin Ryan says “Hiring managers worry about your willingness to perform all the job duties needed and especially are concerned about uncovering your weaknesses.” The willingness side of the worry can be addressed head-on by asking, “What do you think is the worst part of the job, the part that other people have been least willing to do?” After hearing the boss’s answer, decide if you can honestly say, “Sure, I’ll do that.” If not, maybe it’s best to say, “Thanks for your time; I’ll be going now.”

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