Three Keys To Help You Rise To The Top

This past Thursday I had the privilege of being a guest on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business show, Mornings with Maria. We talked about women being represented on boards, and we agreed that, though the trend is up slightly, progress is still moving too slowly.

That troubles me. I and others like me are on a fervent mission to educate, write to and encourage women to rise. And while a few women have risen to be CEO’s and corporate board members, many more have climbed the ladder only to stall several rungs below top management.

They are clearly top leadership material, but they are mired in the middle, a frustrating development for both them and their organizations who could really use their unique talents and gifts to be even more successful.

A couple of years ago I interviewed top women leaders, women who have managed to move through the maze and end up at the top, for my book, Women Make Great Leaders. I thoroughly enjoyed these conversations and I learned a great deal about how they got there. There were quite a few aha moments for me during those exchanges. I discovered some truths–keys if you will —to help unlock the door to high level leadership for women.

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