Three Reasons Why Sponsoring a Webinar Is Good for Business

As a marketer, you’re looking for good ways to get great leads, and webinars bring together some of the most qualified attendees around. A sponsored webinar is a great way to gather leads, promote your brand, and easily establish yourself as a resource.

1. Lead Generation

You will receive the full contact information for everyone who registers. Webinar registrations are recognized as one of the top tools for lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer retention. Also, sponsoring a webinar is an easy way to target new buyers and increase brand visibility so that new relationships can be formed.

2. Thought Leadership

Your company name will be associated with new and exciting ideas in your field. The hosting companies line up well-informed speakers on compelling and relevant research topics, generating an interested audience. Some companies also allow sponsors to use custom polling and surveys during and after the webinar to learn the attendees’ important buying needs and interests, keeping your company in the attendees’ minds long after the webinar has ended.

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