Trump ramps up attacks on Facebook, Twitter

President Donald Trump on Saturday stepped up his attacks on social media platforms, calling them the “partner” of the Democratic Party and warning that the tech firms “have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves.”

Trump tweeted or retweeted at least eight messages related to bias the president alleges against conservatives by Facebook and Twitter on Saturday morning, including two posts by Infowars contributor and conspiracy theorist Paul Watson — who was among a slew of incendiary political figures booted Thursday from Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, in a purge by the social network.

The president on Friday evening tweeted that his administration is “looking into” the banning of right-wing media personalities from the platforms, writing: “It’s getting worse and worse for Conservatives on social media!”

Trump, who spent several hours Saturday at his Virginia golf club, repeatedly focused his ire on the apparent Twitter suspension of actor James Woods, a vocal supporter of the White House.

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