Trump woos Indian American voters ahead of 2020

It wasn’t your typical Trump campaign rally.Instead of red Make America Great Again hats, there were turbans and Islamic caps. Women in traditional Indian garb danced to bhangra drums. And tens of thousands of cheering Indian Americans chanted “USA!” and snapped photos.

President Donald Trump appeared at a cavernous football stadium on Sunday alongside Narendra Modi, the popular prime minister of India, who attracted a crowd of 50,000 from across the U.S. to what was touted as the largest event in the country for a leader of a foreign nation.“You have never had a better friend as president than President

Donald Trump,” Trump said as the crowd roared with approval. “We thank you. We love you. I want you to know my administration is fighting for you each and every day.”

Trump is hoping to appeal to Indian American voters, a growing political force in the U.S., with his business-friendly agenda — especially the 2017 tax cuts — as well as his tough talk on terrorism and his decision to show up at the rally even though the ethnic group has generally backed Democrats.

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