Trump’s big score on Mexico and immigration

All the hysteria over President Trump’s latest tariff threat to Mexico proved wrong Friday, as the two sides reached a deal that gave Trump what he’d demanded: much more vigorous cooperation in stopping illegal Central American migrants from travelling 1,200-plus miles across Mexico to sneak into the United States.

It may not stop the surge that’s crossed the 100,000-a-month line, overwhelming the Border Patrol as well as the various social-service agencies that have to handle these immigrants. But it’s sure a huge step.

With the Democrats who control the House refusing to OK emergency funds to deal with this humanitarian crisis, the president took a brilliant step outside the box when he publicly upped the pressure on Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to finally start doing his part.

Yes, AMLO’s people had been negotiating with Team Trump on these issues for months, and it may even be the case, as The New York Times reports, that Mexican officials had tentatively signed off on much of the new plan. So what?

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