TV shows and movies are all getting sequels

Everything gone is back again.

Denzel’s in another “Equalizer” mishmosh. We got us a new “Mamma Mia.” Tom Cruise in whatever sequel the AARP lets him do. There’s still more “Avengers” avenging. After all the Batmans, next comes Batgrampa. 1976’s “Network” is returning. How about Roseanne’s Roseanne-less TV series. And, please, how do you ex out extra “X-Men”? Once was something called “Zombieland” and creeping up will be some “Son of Zombieland” something.

Remember Birdland? Which played guys like Count Basie? Comes now a newly re-jazzed up Birdland Jazz Theater. The thing opens with a party on the 20th.

In ’96, TV brought us Robert Wuhl’s “Arliss.”

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