VIDEO: This company is developing a smart mask

3 min read Face masks are now part of our daily lives, but most of us use a simple cloth or a disposable mask when we venture to the store. Razer unveiled its version of a smart skin at CES in January . It was just a prototype called Project Hazel , but now Hazel is becoming a reality.

As reported by Yahoo News , Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed during an interview that now Project Hazel will be launched will be launched on the market. This action follows the commitment Razer made last year to make face masks using existing production facilities and even offer them through vending machines in Singapore. Then the company started developing “a better mask” and came up with Project Hazel.

“We were thinking, this is a conceptual project and it will be relevant when the vaccines and everything are implemented. I think moving forward we decided, and I can tell you now, that we are going to proceed to make it happen. And send the smart mask,” Tan explained. ” We have come to realize that even with the vaccines that we have heard, you need to remain masked because there is still the risk factor that even if you are vaccinated you have to be incredibly careful. ”

Project Hazel is no ordinary face mask. It uses N95 medical grade respirators and “Smart Pods” designed to regulate airflow and filter out airborne germs. The fans, which have a one-day charge, can be removed and recharged in a provided wireless fast-charging box that doubles as an ultraviolet light box to kill all germs.

Add to that clear plastic that lets people see when you laugh or smile, Razer VoiceAmp technology that relies on built-in microphones to amplify and enhance your voice, and interior lighting to illuminate the lower part of your face when it’s dark. And of course there is RGB lighting on the outside of the mask. The only thing missing is the release date and the price, but it certainly won’t be cheap, especially compared to cloth face masks.

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