Webinar: Applying Predictive Analytics in Service Parts Management

In the past, parts planners relied on historical data to forecast parts demand: seasonality, maintenance events, installed base, and composite information. Now, the Industrial Internet of Things is enabling them to integrate predictive analytics into their parts forecasting processes.

In this webinar, PTC service parts experts Vinod Arekar and Ed Wodarski discuss:

  • What predictive analytics is, as it applies to service parts planning.
  • Pulling data from connected assets to refine failure rates.
  • Using advanced analytics to centralize global inventories.


Vinod Arekar, Service Supply Chain Expert, PTC

Vinod is a service supply chain expert at PTC and as aFellow he leads strategic initiatives overseeing several accounts to ensure success. Vinod’s strategic thinking and experience have helped bring the concept and application of Service Simulation to PTC.


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