Webinar – Data-driven investor outreach

When Mifid II came into effect last January, it caused a significant disruption of the investor marketing landscape. There are reports that the sell side is organizing fewer conferences, the buy side is more interested in direct engagement than in the past, and IR teams are being tasked with playing a more active role in their company’s investor marketing efforts without bigger budgets or larger teams.

In this webinar, industry experts will discuss the following talking points:
• How to use new data tools and techniques to understand how often you should be on the road
• How to find out which investors you should be targeting
• How you should be approaching those investors
• Which meetings you should be bringing your senior management to

Speakers include:
• Ben Ashwell, editor, IR Magazine
• Mike Stiller, co-head of strategic capital intelligence, Nasdaq IR Intelligence
• More speakers to be announced

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