Webinar: How Sound Impacts Security, Plus Code Compliance Advice

Installing security and life-safety contractors that are involved in providing mass notification systems won’t want to miss the next installment of SSI’s Webcast Series.

On Dec. 4 (2 p.m. EST), a pair executives from Lencore — a leading provider of sound masking, paging, audio, and mass notification and emergency communication (MNEC) solutions — will delve into “How Sound Impacts Security and the Minor Details of Code Compliance and Rated Systems.”

Security integrators continue to adopt mass notification systems as part of their offering. However, the nuance of noise and its impact on notification is often overlooked. The code calls for these systems to deliver an intelligible message to direct building occupants to safety. Furthermore, specific UL standards, such as UL 2572 and UL 864, are required to ensure compatibility.

The webinar will be moderated by SSI Senior Web Editor Steve Karantzoulidis. He will be joined by Lencore CEO Jonathan Leonard and Vice President of Marketing David Smith for a deep dive surrounding mass notification, the changes in NFPA and UL requirements, and how to avoid safety pitfalls in delivering a clear message. Attendees will learn about such topics as:

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