Webinar: How to Kick-start Your Digital-First Banking Transformation

However, if these touchpoints are isolated from each other or from traditional channels such as call centre or branch, your customers will use them as standalone services with rather low engagement. And you’ll continue losing money on routine operations and IT maintenance of all the siloed products, getting lower income as a result. What’s the solution? Become a digital-first bank — implement your own smart and nimble omni-channel platform, digital to the core. This means you have to stop tweaking channels and products, reinvent your business model and alter the way of thinking.

  • Why traditional business models and digital add-ons to legacy bank products don’t work anymore;
  • The benefits of a platform business model, agile processes and a lean startup culture;
  • Best practices from ‘neo banks’: how to aggregate value and scale up at speed;
  • What the digital-first value drivers and revenue drivers are;
  • The three key ingredients for the digital-first banking.

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