Webinar: How to Move From Monitoring to Observability

Is ‘Observability’ just a disingenuous rebrand of ‘monitoring’? Is it monitoring on steroids? Or, is it the new way to find out “why” (and not just “if”) your system, IT or application isn’t working as expected?

Today we see that traditional monitoring approaches can fall short if a system or an application doesn’t adequality externalize its state. To reach ‘Observability’, IT needs to correlate many different sources from logs, metrics, traces etc. – and this becomes even more critical (and complex) on distributed systems using containers and Microservices.

Join us for this webinar where we will:

See how ‘Observability’ differs from ‘Monitoring’
Discuss why it is an even bigger challenge in a multi-cloud and containerized world;
Look at how platforms can help gain observability, while shaping the future of IT with Machine Learning and Predictive IT

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