Webinar :Intentional ingredient overages

Dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers must ensure that their products contain the amount of nutrients declared on the label, even at the end of the product’s shelf-life. Adding more of an ingredient during manufacture than is declared on the label is often required to meet label claims in dietary supplement and functional food formulation, especially for certain ingredients.

Factors such as the supplement’s composition, the type of dietary ingredients, and anticipated storage and handling conditions, can all lead to conscious decisions by manufacturers to add more of an ingredient during manufacture than is stated on the label. Product formulation decisions must be made in compliance with FDA and international regulations, depending on where a product is sold. Ingredient overage practices also have drawn attention from consumer products testing services, plaintiffs’ attorneys, and the media.

CRN and Natural Products INSIDER present this webinar to help companies gain an understanding of regulatory and marketing considerations related to ingredient overages and to share industry best practices that help ensure consumer safety, as well as consumer confidence in their brands.

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