Webinar: Learn to Monetize IoT and Earn ROI

While navigating the pathway to designing IoT-enabled products, services, and solutions, it’s important to consider costs and how IoT can be monetized as part of your larger strategy. In this upcoming webinar, taking place January 10 at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST, attendees can find out how to unlock the complete value of an organization’s IoT investment.

While many companies are actively working to navigate the pathway to success when designing IoT-enabled products, services, and solutions, the landscape for IoT monetization is still unmapped. Over the years, the presenters have seen companies approach monetization in a variety of different ways, some more successful than others. What they’ve learned is that IoT is a combination of hardware and software integrations and, while the complexity of IoT solution components makes the long term assessment of cost and labor more challenging, it can also reveal new revenue streams that are disruptive to current business models.

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