Webinar: Navigating the Manufacturing Workforce Challenge

A dramatic increase in demand for precision manufactured products, unprecedented shifts in demographics, and changing attitudes about education, work and fulfillment, have created conditions where attracting and retaining talent is one of the biggest limiting factors for manufacturers today. What are manufacturers doing about it? That’s what we sought to find out.

In this webinar we will be revealing the key insights gained through a survey of manufacturers around the country. What we will cover includes:

  • The key industry/market/global influences effecting executive decision-making around the workforce
  • The most significant challenges leaders are facing when it comes to navigating their organizations future
  • What techniques manufacturers are finding effective to attract and retain the workforce of the future
  • The technologies manufacturers are investing in to better compete for workforce talent now and in the future

This not-to-be-missed webinar will give you an up-to-date picture of what others in your industry are thinking and doing. A detailed report will follow this interactive session discussing our survey’s results and analysis behind the numbers.


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